Neighborhood in Focus

Pearle Vision was founded by Dr. Stanley Pearle over 50 years ago, and one of the principles upon which he founded this business was involvement in local communities. That principle still holds true today. We are not only dedicated to providing eye care to patients that visit Pearle Vision, but also delivering that same genuine eye care to people in the community outside of our eye care center. We engage in settings like schools, senior centers, and other various locations, to help people all across our neighborhood understand the importance of eye care. These are just a few examples of how we live by this promise.

OneSight - Giving the Gift if Sight

Dontate your used eyewear.

Our Highland Park location is a drop point for donating used eyewear. Your used eyewear represents a new world of opportunity for someone in need in a developing country. Volunteers will clean, repair, recycle, and hand-deliver your glasses during a global clinic. Two million pairs of recycled glasses are needed each year to supply OneSight Global Clinics

Neighborhood in Focus

#RaiseYourGlasses at Pearle Vision Highland Park

"Caring for your eyes can allow you to dream big & achieve anything. Celebrate #RaiseYourGlasses with @PearleVision and me by sharing a photo in your first or favorite pair of prescription glasses, & help a child clearly see their dreams." - Billie Jean King

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